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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Son

He was always there for me
our bond like no other
His beginning shrouded in Mystery
was such a blessing and
so gracious a Gift that
I could only humbly accept
He was always a joy
with eyes and strength like his father
so close were they
even when understanding was
beyond my grasp I knew
He was more Divine than
He appeared and yet
so playful but oh so serious
with an intent and purpose
always beyond His years
presenting me with more than
I could ever fathom
still He could never refuse my requests
a little game we always shared
which carried on even when He left home
then after the desert called Him
beginning a journey filled with wonders
and words spoken with an Authority
I only had seen once before
I could sense the sorrow that was coming
even if He had not said so Himself
though it was far beyond
imagination's boundaries
I was not prepared for the travails
that overwhelmed us all
the sounds and smells
the brutality and degradations
but most of all the look
when our eyes met
was more than I could bear
the sword piercing my heart
had finally come
still His last words to me
echoing our past
to continue my mother's role
wondering how I could ever
get beyond my grief
I could only nod and look away
a final cry and surrender
was all that was left
till I held Him one last time and
kissed His Face with tears
hoping for something more

-How does "The Son" describe Mary and Jesus' relationship?
-What does "The Son" mean to you?
-Do you think "a little game we always shared" describes reality? Why/not?
-How does this poem compare to "The Mother Mary"?
-What part does Mary play in your life?
-How can she help in your relationship with her Son?

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Gospel

the wonder of Grace
a Truth revealed
bestowed without merit
upon humanity by the
Cross of Christ
remains ridiculed
hushed to avoid
any hint of
judging behavior
this world's most
unforgivable transgression
relativism's reduction to
eliminates wrongdoing and
where there is no sin
there is no sinner
no need of a Savior
where there is no captivity
there is no deliverance
where there is no vice
there is no virtue
where there is no guilt
there is no redemption
the Gospel of the sinless Lamb
Sacrificed for His flock
is relegated  to a fairy tale
clothing the deluded
in garbs of
ancient myths
chivalry from ages past
mocked by moderns
bent on bowing before 
mirror's image
but evil
though denied
prospers everywhere
building upon itself
temples of deceit
justifying everything
in the name of
feeling's enthronement
where what I believe
is true because
I say so
truth is objective
not what we
say it is
feelings do not
determine veracity
reality does
identity is given
not created
nature is bestowed
not chosen
body and soul
are united in
one being
not separate
we are not figments of
imagination's creativity
made merely for
slaves to our impulses
revelation's testimony discloses
each is Created in
freedom for Glory
favored with Dignity to share an
Eternal uUnion with the Divinity
an Intimate Marriage of
person to Person
though fragile and imperfect
known and loved as we are
received through repentance
so let us surrender to
the One who
formed us in the womb
died for our sins
rose to New Life
called us by name
given us power to follow
liberty to experience the
Love of Him who first
Loved us
healed and set free
from sin to
grow in holiness
persevere through trials
listen to His quiet voice 
share His Love with others
witness by our lives to the
One who is
Faithful unto death

-What does "The Gospel" say about truth?
-What does "feelings do not determine veracity, reality does" mean?
-How does "The Gospel" describe the Gospel? 
-What is the false image of the Gospel presented in today's culture?
-How would you answer "relativism"?
-Prepare a brief (5-10 minute) sharing of the Gospel.
-Prepare a brief personal testimony of how you became a Catholic/Christian.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Healing

forever assuming
abandonment by
an uncaring Father
when sorrow's arrow
stops turning
pointing to its target
in my heart
a recurring nightmare
of loss
disturbing daily life
without apologizing
for its intrusion
reliving yesterday's pain today
without the benefit of
tomorrow's perspective
despite the protest
from my soul
rebellious emotions 
squander faith's savings
only to discourage
an embattled belief
struggling to stay afloat
buffeted by turbulent seas of
unanswerable questions
rescue recurs
when grace is released
through prayer's supplication
and a trusted shoulder
the Man of sorrows is
bearing my burden
carrying my cross
soothing my wound
words of comfort
relieving my ache
knowing my frailness 
without remembering
my doubts
based on fear's
terrible fortune
only Love
overcomes heartache
with an embrace of 
never-ending assurance
providing relief
though only temporarily  
knowing that acceptance
ushering peace is
short-lived but
growth is ensured
healing measured
the challenge of
conflicted hope

-How does "The Healing" describe dealing with loss?
-How can we let Jesus "bear our burden and carry our cross"?
-What does "the challenge of conflicted hope" mean?
-What is your process of healing like?
-How is it similar/different?
-How does sharing with others help?
-How has your healing changed you?


Sunday, February 17, 2013


-it doesn’t exist
how could it?
God is Love
He couldn’t allow
such a place to be
-a ridiculous myth of
fear mongering
just like mister satan
-who cares?
-doesn't fit my belief system
-not worth thinking about
-probably not that bad
-no one's going there anyway
-f bomb
what if we
wanted it to exist so
we could go there
just like in the beginning
because it most aptly
defines who we are?
created with the
dignity of free will
would not God allow us
to freely reject Him
no matter what
the consequences?
refusing Love
choosing to live
by our own rules
we enthrone our
as gods to be
worshiped and adored
idols all leading
back to a self more
precious and deserving than
the One who 
holds the keys of
life and death
where each is king
ruling kingdoms of
the mind bowing to no One
in this way
hell exists because
it is a reality of choice
a pattern of living
centered around
some other thing
rather than the
Lord of heaven and earth
who offers freedom
from the bondage of
inherited and
deliberate sin
received only through
conversion of heart
a decision to give oneself
in mutual love and service to the
One who died and rose
for us to bring us new life
when that is excluded
we separate ourselves
from the God of Love
we embrace
a way of life
which then is
continued and fulfilled
after death
so then Mercy's grace
remains an offer till the end
as does freedom's call for Justice
to all passing through the
gates of eternity
so consider carefully
“wide is the gate and broad
is the road leading to destruction,
and many enter through it
small is the gate and
narrow is the road
that leads to eternal life
and only a few
find it.”

-What is the description of "Hell"?
-How is hell a "reality of choice"?
-Why don't we talk about hell?

-How do mercy and justice coexist in a God of Love?
-What does "conversion of heart" mean? 
-Do you think many people go to hell? Why/not?
-What does Scripture say about who goes to hell?
-What does the Church teach about hell?                              

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


it’s over
only the final review remains
time has come to a stop
there is only present
my future is to be judged by my past
death was but an instant
passing with a final breath
as quickly as light travels
now I must come before the Judge
the One who paid the price and
passed the test of righteousness
conquering death
offering new life to
all who listened and
chose to walk in His ways
clearly set out before all
written on our hearts
by nature's revelation
my own response
now viewed only too clearly
began in childhood's fantasy
fervent imaginations
spurred by holy pictures
with nightly prayers
laying me down to sleep
teenage rebellion
loosened my ties
setting upon new paths
exploring delights
without pangs of deterrence
career and marriage
returned seriousness
into perspective
children helped of course
somehow though
life got so busy
marriage problems
job stress
kids in college
my wife was always
the spiritual one
I would go to Church
but she took the lead
because she knew
I was never really
comfortable with it all
nor felt confident but
I didn't fight it either
I guess you would have
called me lukewarm
but in my defense
I never really
heard what some people
have said is the
supposed good news
but I knew in the
back of my mind
that my final exam
would be on
what I have done
both good and evil and
what I failed to do
I guess
that is only fair and just
upon what else could I be judged?
I lived my life the way I saw fit
no one forced me to act or not act
and when I regressed
it was up to me to
repent or not
who twisted my arm?
no one
who forced me to change or not?
no one
if I continued acting in the same way
who compelled  me?
who made me accept the
freely made offer to freely be different?
no one
the choice was always mine
it was always that way
for me and for all
whoever I am
I choose freely to be
it's over
it's too late to change
who I am
looking back
I got more resolute
chose to try harder
I went
back and forth
I died

-Describe the man portrayed in "Judgement".
-Do you think his life is a common experience? Why/not?
-How could it have been different?
-What does "lukewarm" mean in this context?
-What would you say to help him?
-Why don't we talk about the last judgement?
-Why isn't the last judgement talked about in Church?
-How can the last judgement impact your daily life?
-What is the Lord saying to you through this poem?