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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Forgiver

it is not for you
to punish
your offender
harboring hatred
in your heart
a cruel infection
of your wound
that devours
your soul and
destroys your body
My daily offenders
refuse the offer to
turn away from
choosing death
over life and so
gain their
sinful inheritance
even as My hand
remains outstretched
in Mercy
to the very end
despite liberty's abuse
but as for you
let your anger
fight for justice
instead of hatred whch
only destroys  yourself
speaking the truth
in love- a choice
rooted in Grace
regardless of
emotion's strain-
and a motivation
for reparation
also knowing that
in the end
true justice
will prevail
as I work all things
for the good
in those who love Me
the fruit of healing
comes from the balm
of My Power
to petition
a change of heart
for therein lies
transformation's fuel
hoping to gain
reconciliation's bloom
a forgiver's freedom
rests secure in
giving over
letting go
deciding to forgive
despite the heartache
joining in My Offering
praying for
seeking more
since your enemy's good
is also
your own and
his salvation
Redemption's Glory

-Did anything "touch" you in the poem? Describe it and why. 
-Have you forgiven everyone in your life?
-If not, what prevents you from doing so? 
-Explain the meaning of "deciding to forgive despite the heartache"?
-How does hating "destroy" the hater?
-Does forgiving someone "let them off the hook"? Why/not?
-Does not forgiving someone "punish" them? Why/not?
-How does forgiving
-How does your enemy's salvation usher-in Redemption's Glory?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Kiss

salvation's sentinel
gazes through
tears of blood from
sorrow's perch
as Love overcomes
death's sentence by
surrendering to
redemption's radical demands
the willingness of a Heart
pierced for sin's
just requirement to
attain separation's remedy
bridging an
infinite chasm by
making possible
humanity's transfer to
Divine Life's shore
yet the Gift
being freely offered is
only fulfilled when
freely accepted
one to One
eye to Eye
heart to Heart
history's execution
is overcome by
resurrection's renewal
made present today
by timeless Grace
when old is made new
brokenness mended
healing delivered
forgiveness fulfilled
when I and Thou
are consummated by the
kiss of the Cross

-How is the Gift of Salvation freely offered and accepted?
-What are "redemption's radical demands" for you?
-What is the "kiss of the cross"??
-What can you do that you're not doing to grow in your relationship with the Lord?
-How can we support one another in our commitment to the Lord?

The Embrace

the treasure of suffering
so often obscured by its
unsightly cost
too exorbitant for our
fallen nature
forged by self interest
shielded by our
avoidance of discomfort
bearing any price to
protect our frail dominion
which struggles with
life's storms especially those
attacking the security we
thought was firmly planted
in the Lord but at times feels
unstable like it's in sand
causing us to question
why this? why now? why me?
grasping for a Comfort
beyond our reach
we pray for deliverance from
what seems like evil-
surely not willed by God but
maybe allowed for
His Greater Purposes which
we cannot see nor merely
desire right now but which
bring us face to Face with the
Crucified Savior- a
Kiln of Love
purifying us by the Fire of His Spirit
There we discover ever anew
His Desire to bring us Closer and
more Dearly Form us in His Image- by
removing stubborn defects that
resist our half-hearted efforts but
mostly ignore because they are
firmly embedded in the selfish
habits of our sinful nature
In Him we are Promised that
all things work together for
our good and though purification's
hindsight is a perfect view
now is the time that we are
Offered the Grace to Surrender in
Faith and Hope
Trusting in His Love
not begrudgingly
but with
an Embrace

-How can suffering ever be "a treasure"?
-What does "a Kiln of Love" mean?
- What does it mean to "embrace our suffering"?
-What place does suffering have in our lives?
-What prevents us from embracing our suffering?
-What are the benefits of embracing our suffering?
-How can we support one another in our suffering?