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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Daughter

torn from safety
Love's unfailing acceptance
now glows
face to Face
from my heart's beloved Creator
knowledge infused history's Presence
through the veil of my life's sharp end
a view of what might have been is
seen from Heaven's advantage
the maternal bond
broken and disowned by
death's dark decision
was a rejection without defense
for I was judged unfit to live
despite having my mother's eyes
to why's obsessive enigma
no reason is enough to
toss an innocent away
nor justify my demise
as two now bear
the choice of one
yet though unintended
that cruel portal brought
eternal life
in an instant
as well as
maturity's measure
all guilt captured
by Another's choice
which ushered-in
this free domain
now her soul
I bear to
Mercy's Throne
pleading for our union's healing
and a turning back-
love's longing painful cry-
hoping in peace joy and body new
with every tear wiped away
to be reunited once more
but this time in
my mother's arms

-How is the daughter portrayed as a person?
-How does the daughter show forgiveness?
-Is the hope offered realistic? Why/not?
-How would this poem help a post-abortion Mom?
-How would this poem help a Mom thinking of aborting her child?
-How does the poem affect you?
-In your own words, explain the poem.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Seeker

in your depths
you seek to love and
be loved without
limits or endings-
the security of a union
whose acceptance and
self'-donation is a
dream of endless ecstasy
it is far more than
finite love can deliver-
in this life everything passes
restricted by your earthly boundaries only
imagination's limitless frontiers
extend fulfillment beyond its
confined expressions
but despite
all your searching
all your seeking
the Truth is that
it is I who seek you
it is for you that I hunger...
aware or not
self-absorbed or generous
trapped in sin or saint
proud or humble
bitter or thankful
hater or lover
enemy or friend
it is your heart I treasure
your love
for which I long-
in a Union
Infinite and Passionate
like Me
you question My veracity-
can this be True?
am I really like I say I am?
you think
does He Love me that way?
it cannot be
maybe for others but
not for me because in
your heart of hearts
you know your
weakness and poverty
secrets hidden from
everyone's eyes but Mine
I do not utter
empty words
they express
My Tender Intention
the Truth of
who I Am
it was for you
I bore the burden
for you that
My Hands and Feet were nailed
My Heart pierced
Blood and Water flowing to
Wash your heart to
make it like Mine-
a testimony of
My Personal Love for you
as I looked
into your eyes
and said
I thirst for you

-Is "finite love" ultimately not fulfilling?  Why/not?
-How is the love of Jesus different than our love for one another?
-How are they related?
-Do you think people tend to question God's Love for them? Why/not?
-How can we receive His Love for us?
-What does it mean here that Jesus says "I thirst"?
-How is He calling you to respond to Him?
-How can you communicate this reality to others?

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Enemy

the enemy
the father of lies
plies his trade
among unsuspecting targets
oblivious to his deviousness
while they joke about the myth of
his existence purported by
midieval zealots
dressed in black
the fictitious conclusion derived at
just the way he likes it
with scoffing at even the hint of
objective Truth
his deception that reality is
what you say it is and that
only conservatives are evil-
all haters/phobics and the like-
whether it's sincerity's deduction or
a foolish conclusion-
it all provides a score for
his victory celebration in the
end zone of hapless lives and
proves that the deluded
are vanquished and
belong to him
as his confused disciples sing
right is wrong
wrong is right
true is false
false is true-
if it exists at all-
depending on whose definition
forms the gyrating discussion
though justification's dictionary is
most often re-written by
those in power with
vociferous pandering to
the gods of this age
all under the influence of
his shadowy disguise
where tolerance
becomes totalitarian and
dialogue transforms into demagoguery
while "judge nots" judge Jesus'
Disciples way too judgmental for
today's progressive society
plentiful accusations echo within
his pitiful victims
first... in unrighteous decisions
out of weakness
leading to habits
that wound the tender-hearted and
harden the heartless whose
repeated excesses produce
pornographic slaves
then self-condemnations
reverberating long after
forgiveness has been granted by
his Heavenly Foe
compulsive self-adoration-
the mother of all sin-
proves that his rebellion
continues to be perpetuated
throughout time
made present by
an ideology secured by
sweet justifications of
political correctness-
another nail in the hands of
bloodless martyrs witnessing
Gospel values-
by focusing on themselves
pride's kissing cousin
entangles the most generous
without humility's succor
and gratitude's balm
continually leading them away
from his Adversary and
down the rabbit hole of
'till they reach the reward of
darkness' deceit
"all in good time" and
"slowly but surely"
the end-game is secured
Eternal death his aspiration
misery his accomplice
evil his identity
illusion his snare
warfare hidden
in the vagaries of daily life
even though
he doesn't exist
la la la la la

-How is satan protrayedin Scripture?
-What are some of the signs of his existence today?
-He is the deceiver/liar, what are some lies people believe about themselves?\
-What are some of his common temptations?
-Where do you see his deceptions present in our society?
-Do you see his deceptions in the Church? Where?
-How do you use your Spiritual Authority against his attacks?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tell

drive our inner being
more than
imagination’s fantasies
longing for contentment
pleads for mercy
upon deaf ears
leaving us wandering in a
desert searching for water to
fully satisfy our thirst
born to yearn
starving for
meaning and purpose
only finds emptiness 
in fleeting satisfactions
more- always more-
never enough
with no end in sight
can this be all there is?
are we only to live and die
always yearning to
fill our cravings
sometimes so compulsive
yet at other times
noble and breathtaking
finally to be condemned to an
endless slavery of
seeking but never finding
only in the end to discover that
infinite desire requires
infinite fulfillment
conceived to embrace Love
beyond human measurement
experiencing true satisfaction 
can only be realized
in Perfection
never imperfection
never in things
but only in Another
a Personal entwining
where Eternal Love is
forever shared
the Thou of I and Thou
the sign of Whom is 
embedded in my soul
planted there at my conception
a Mystery alluded to by
Revelation’s Tell:
restlessness of heart
for the One who is
beyond all expectations
the fulfillment of all desires
it is He who becons me to
knock and it will be opened
seek and I will find that
He was always there
waiting for me to
say yes and find true
Rest in Him

-How does "tells" in poker compare to the "tell" in human nature?
-Are there any other "tells" of the Eternal One in human nature? 
-How would you describe them? 
-How could you engage someone in a conversation about the "tell" of the infinite?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Claim

yes or no
His claim demands an answer
He is or is not
our response has meaningful
consequences for
now and forever
He was either a madman-
another in the
long line of psychos
making wild divinity assertions
who have
come and gone
throughout history or ...
He was who
He said He was-
The Son of God
in the Flesh...and
not just a good man
doing magical deeds
beyond explanation
no..More than just nice and
a little
no... His teachings..
even miraculous deeds were
always rooted in
Life-giving Reality
not  fantasy island
well then.......was He
full of truth or deception?
He claimed to be The
did He lie about that?
was He proven to be a
deceiver about other things?
did He ever say one thing and
do another?
did He.......ever.......
promise one thing and
not deliver?
no......not once
then...there is the ultimate
assertion about the claim...
His Resurrection from the dead...
what we can say for sure is that
there were hundreds that saw Him
His disciples that spoke and ate witth Him
then ultimately were tortured and
killed rather than deny Him
as well as the untold numbers
throughout history who
lived lives of self-sacrifice and holiness
who also testified with their blood...
so......if it was true then
it is so now that
He is Alive!
Risen from the dead to die no more-
proof that He is the Lord
the Christ
the Son of the Living God
we must either believe Him or not
and if we believe Him
accept His claim on our lives
to be His disciples
then we will know Him
as a lover experiences the beloved
even as we become His beloved
the Source and End of our lives
it is a personal decision
a giving over of our lives
our being is transformed
and no longer merely human
but is a sharing in the Devine Life
a communion not only with Love
but also with those who also
become Divinized
there is no middle ground:
to believe a little and
not seek the more
is to not believe
to not be real
to not be true but
to be lukewarm...false
so carefully reflect upon it
He asks
who do you say I am?
madman, liar or Messiah?
deliberately choose...for
not to choose is
to choose
and if you believe His Claim
accept the Truth
follow the Way
live the Life
BE "ALL IN"....

-What are the argumenets of deceiver, madman or Messiah?
-What are the arguments against believing?
-What about all those saying they believe but not act like it?
-What keeps you back from accepting and following Jesus?
-If you accept His Claim, where do you go from here?
-What does being "all in" mean practically?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Process

Your Love upholds me in ways unperceived.
Desperate for your voice or touch
In a free-fall leading to destinations unknown
With only my fears and frustrations to comfort me,
A battle to surrender the death-grip
On my life and desires
Nurtured from long ago-
Identity's ideal both toiled and sought-
Is now contested by life's twists
And light's demise.
Clarity's illusion remembers itself
The more as tears fall within.
Silent cries for Mercy's relief,
Seeking the Lover of my soul,
Whose true union and calling
Passes through the cross.
Purity's gain lies in flaming embers
Rolling from opposing melodies and
Dancing in unison-but only in lilting revolutions.
True progress is a dream
Without compromise
Holding on with faithful weakness
Beyond resolution's might-
With only promises in sight-
Though not with any tenderness.
Trials, clothed in suffering,
Disciplines the heart
and molds the sojourner
into Light's image-though only by
Ego's power bleeding into air.
Surrender's affirmation is never-ending,
As sincere as it is impure.
Pride's effacement needs a Savior,
One who is tireless and adept
In the process of transformation
For the human heart
So entangled by self's enticing web.
Freedom from idolatry's prison-
Becoming a true child
By letting go of the me
In gift to You-
Through patient endurance-
Trusting by grace alone, and,
Never dying without a struggle,
We bear the imprint of Calgary
And a Glory to come
Letting it happen
In hope,
By faith,
With Love.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Look

unrestrained tears
never stopping
never comforting
only grieving
wrapped my heart
after my
boastful professions
judged me
not once but thrice
in sterile denials
of Love's Identity
but Mercy's look
exposed my soul and
bore my guilt
when deeds' memories
awoke by mourning's cry
unaccepted forgiveness
finds no resistance
which loosens the bonds
and gently reveals
the start

-How does "The Look" describe Peter's experience?
-Why did just a look affect Peter so much?
-Have you ever had an experience like Peter's? Describe it.
-How does Peter's experience portray the true meaning of repentance?
-What does "repent and believe the Gospel" mean?
-What does "reveals the "start" mean?

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Cup

I lay face down
numbed by sorrow
hopelessly searching for
another possibility with
unrestrained aversion for
what I know is coming
Love's eternal resolution
conflicts Me into a torment
oozing Redemption in a
Passionate embrace
burnishing My soul
without compromise by
no longer grasping at
any artful rescue
alone in company
abandoned from above
the burden drowns Me in
victorious defeat and by
drinking the cup
steels the goal for
hearts now and
still to come in a
vision trusting
a certain end

-How does "The Cup" describe Jesus' experience in the garden?
-How does "The Cup"  show Jesus' humanity?
-What does "conflicts Me into a torment oozing Redemption" mean?
-What does "victorious defeat" mean?
-How can Jesus' experience in the garden be an integral part of your prayer life?
-What us meant by "abandoned from above"?
-What is the "certain end" spoken about?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Tempest

O blessed tempest that churns my soul
with battering gusts fomenting my
turmoil's desperation cry
your unrelenting tenacity carelessly tosses my
heart's stability leaving me
vainly grasping for my Tether
with only the benefit of His remembrance
offering me tepid consolation
but no longer shelter from
anxious imaginations or
vain dreads that implode within the
perceived consequences of my plight
too wild and forthright in their skills
which compel me to surrender to
a Love which will ripen into the fruit of Security
from a Union always offering more
than my faculties can grasp but which
competes for my commitment
with imagined outcomes that
ignite confusion's possibilities in a
daily contest between fear and love
jousting for deliverance's prize
or panic's triumph
thus tempest's purpose has bestowed opon me a
Graced cup to fill my thirst with a
fragrance that touches my heart
driving me to seek in bended spirit the
adventure of  His outcomes not mine and a
courage procured only by faith not by sight in the
One whose Love and Purpose for me
has been proven without question despite
circumstances' testimony

-Share an experience of your tempests.
-What have you learned?
-How do faith and feelings compete in you?
-How can you get support from others?
-How do you deal with tempests that are ongoing?
-How can you support others in enduring their tempests?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Seeing

trials compete for the true perception of our present reality
often filtered by our finiteness and the prism of subjectivity
adversity challenges our Faith's vision as we seek understanding and relief

Eternity's advantage provides a more enlightened perspective
especially from the One who has already trod the Via Dolorosa and
triumphed over death's dark dominion
so let us commence the Seeing together and find the Truth midst labor's pain

you see your cross and say "Why me?"

I see your burden and say "Why not you?"
give Me the name of a loved one upon whose shoulders
you would place it in your stead for
all must walk from the darkness of the fall through change's portal
into Purity's Light though many decide to travel in the shadows
'till  in the end they find horror in the rewards
they vainly pursued

you see your cross and feel others elude such agony
seeming always to prosper while you struggle
from day to day

I see all and say no one escapes suffering
though appearances deceive
each journey is different yet the same
My call and offer have no limits save in the will of
every man since the battle for the soul is inward
and therein lies the many unseen afflictions

you see tribulation's pressure and wonder when it
will end and what purpose could it ever serve

I see gold in the making when in cooperation with My allowances
the flame of purification is accomplishing its mission

you see the temptation to escape everywhere you look
and find momentary solace in pleasure's company
sometimes turning from My Ways to seek freedom"s play

but I see only a ball and chain when self is enthroned
while never finding the satisfaction sought

you see simply the struggle to carry your cross

I see your willingness to endure
Trusting despite uncertainty's din

you see your solitary journey and
despite prayer and personal support
feel the aloneness of your painful watch

I see your trusting faithfulness and the angels who
accompany your every step while My Presence fills
your sacred temple

you see the struggle to face your hardship and give
thanks in all circumstances as your feelings resist your will

I see the Spirit hovering over your waters re-creating
and renewing you in the image of Gethsemane's passage

you see a self of weakness and need

I see a heart becoming like Mine for
love is transformed by Love and in the end become One

so take comfort in these Truths
keep your eyes fixed upon Me and
Unite yourself with My timeless Calvary
for the sake of those you love and so
while seeing your present challenge
awashed with pain
know that this too shall pass

-Which thoughts reflect your experience? How?
-Which "seeing" by the Lord struck you the most?
-How does an "eternal perspective" help?
-When looking back at past trials, how did the Lord use them?
-How do faith and feelings relate in your experience of trials?
-Do you have supportive relationships in your walk with the Lord?
-If yes, evaluate the openness and honesty with one another.
-If not, seek and you shall find at least one person to whom you can confide.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mother Mary

she was always there for Me
our bond like no other
My beginnings
shrouded in mystery
deterred her not in
her acceptance of Life and a
mission of humble service
joy was her covering
surrender her heart's desire
love her gift
though My identity was beyond her understanding
and more than she could touch
she bathed My soul with tenderness
and a strength Divine
while her smile fed my days
always lifting Me higher
she guided others to follow Me
as she herself grew in stature
'till sorrow's lance pierced her being
while gazing in disbelief at
My stark end
yet again her submission
responded to My final request
taking all as her very own to
draw them to Myself
her eternal calling
never yielding to temptations
she bore My spent Body-
the Gift to every soul-
without ceasing her hope
despite the cost
she remains faithful
even to My return
yet again

-Describe Jesus' relationship with His Mother.
-What role did Jesus give to Mary?
-What part does Mary play in your life?
-How would you explain Mary to someone inquiring about her?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Offering

Suffering can be devastating. The process of grieving has ebbs and flows, and, like a beautiful
but uncomfortable song, it replays in our souls 'till it becomes part of us. But, in that process of acceptance, meaning resurrects our spirits as we learn to join our suffering with the Lord's greatest gift to us, and, together, bring others to benefit from our own offering.

The Offering

sorrow propels the soul
along paths illumined by darkness
calling for surrender in the
valley of shadows
so we make our way to eternity's shore
by sight unseen burdened
under the weight of the fitted cross
'till grieving is spent by acceptance renewed
we can nonetheless
capture meaning in our loss by
joining in Love's brokeness
our wounded heart to
Another's offering
whose bitter pain from long ago is
made present by Grace and
in that decision
purpose can abound for
intentions lifted by
wings of tears and
Love's embrace
together bearing a
willingness to fulfill
what is missing in the Body
we share and extend
Grace's measure while
deepening a union of
noble caresses with a
Heart pierced and
offered for all

-What is your experience of suffering?
-How can good come from our suffering?
-What does is mean to unite our sufferings with Jesus'?
-How can Jesus' suffering bring meaning to ours?
-What does Jesus' suffering for you mean to you?