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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Sin

regardless of the silence
bestowing a cloak of
invisibility to its existence we
absolve ourselves of any guilt  by
pragmatic subjectivity-
decrees of justification- by
self-righteous formulations
untethered from nature's law
whose logic is suppressed by
secularism's reliance on
transitory feelings bestowing a
crown of unbridled relativism
on morality thus ensuring
sin's disappearance-
even from the pulpit- which
obfuscates Calvary making the
Cross irrelevant
Resurrection superfluous
Christian Morality into
caricatures of religiosity
but look around...
death terrifies 
disease overwhelms
selfishness reigns
pride is idolized
murder justified
lust idealized 
envy trivialized
lukewarmness normalized
resentment rationalized
greed exceeded
debauchery exalted
anger validated
forgiveness resented
reality equivocated
enslaving  humanity into a
hopeless depravity wrapped in
fantasies of a guaranteed utopia by
intelligentsia's progressive decrees
dictating compliance since
they know better than you
perfection of this world is
an illusion
fixing ourselves is
beyond our capabilities
only a transformation of
our nature can
conquer Eden's curse
only at an infinite cost can
infinite debts be pardoned
someone must pay the price for
our redemption from
sin and evil's domination or
it doesn't happen
Someone did-
the Savior Jesus Christ
Offering His Precious Blood for our
unequivocal Love-
exchanging His Life for ours
conquering sin and death
raising humanity into
sharing His Divinity
Born again into a
New Creation-
an Event and Process-
waiting for our
yes or no...hint...
yes is better

-Is sin talked about in your parish/church? Why/not?
-What does "perfection of this world is an illusion" mean?
-What are some of the manifestations of sin in today's culture?incorrec
-What is relativism? Why is it an incorrect/inadequate philosophy?
-What does it mean to be "born again"?
-How is being "born again" an event as well as a process?
-How much is the Sacrament of Reconciliation part of your life? Why? 
-How does your sin limit your growth in holiness?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Encounter

yearning for more
than meets the eye
a vague uneasiness
filled my emptiness
within and without
the insufficiency of
temporal everything 
despite striving to
vacuum fulfillment
into my ego
I realized that
nothing finite could fill
infinite desires
nothing temporary could satisfy
eternal longings
Infinite and Eternal Love
finally admitting a
conviction of my life's
a sorrow for sin
led to a turning away from
wrongdoing's false glamour
then a turning toward
reconciliation by
finding forgiveness
from a Savior
whose Identity is not ethereal
but rather Incarnate
the Person who initiates
an unspeakable offer
a transfer from slavery
to freedom-
death to life- but
only by my free choice
a Decision to follow Him as
my Lord and Savior
thus beginning a
Nuptial Journey
He is known
first by Word
then by heart
as the One who
died for me
but now is Alive
no longer just an idea
but now Real
through a
Passionate Encounter

-How do your desires point to the Infinite?
-What does "Passionate Encounter" mean?
-What are the elements necessary to encounter Jesus?
-What prevents you from encountering Jesus or
  growing in your relationship with Him?
-What is the relationship between faith and feelings?
-What does " a nuptial journey" mean?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Table of Contents

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New Evangelization 
The Lord is always reaching out to us, whether we know Him or not. If you do not know Him yet, seek Him with all your heart. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you; be persistent. He seeks you more than you seek Him. Put yourself in a position of seeking and when He knocks on the door of your heart, open wide. 

 If we have chosen to be His disciple, He calls us to reach out to those in our spheres of influence to bring His Word of Love. “To know Him and to make Him known; to love Him and to make Him loved” is our challenge. How that happens, to whom we reach out, what we say doesn’t have to be perfect, or a huge event. Love is sometimes best when it is small and personal. Use these poems in your outreach for they are meant to help "open minds and hearts" and, ultimately, to "find" or, better, to "be found"!

The Approval: Where do we look for approval -from God or from others?
The Assumption: A common assumption is not true.
The Benchmark: evaluating our lives on our deathbed.
The Call: He calls each of us to Himself  by name.
The Chance: Take a chance to see if it's all True.
The Claim: There are only three possibilities regarding the identity of Jesus.
The Crux:  Jesus tells us that we become who/what we worship    
The Disciple: Who is a true disciple of Jesus?
The Door: It is our decision to open or not.
The Encounter: How to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
The Focus: Conversion is needed before Catechesis can take hold.
The Gospel: The simplicity of the Gospel in a confused world.
The Identity: Who are you......really?
The Invitation: Jesus personally invites each one of us to follow Him.
The Kiss: The Gift of Salvation  needs to be accepted by each person.
The Prodigals: He patiently waits.
The Question: Without faith, it doesn't look pretty.
The Rest: When searching turns to finding
The Sin: Despite the silence, sin is a reality.
The Seeker: He longs to be one with us.
The Tell: Like a "tell" in poker, embedded in our nature is a “tell” of the Infinite.
The Tragedy: Eternity without God is the real tragedy.
The Two Ways: One leads to Life, the other to death.
The Witness: Jesus speaks of our calling to be His witness.
The Last Things Series: 
                                        Death: It's gonna happen to you.
                                        Judgement: You will be judged.
                                        Heaven: It's either this or ... 
                                        Hell: ....this.
Spiritual Life

Our journey with the Lord is an adventure with peaks and valleys. He pursues and bids us to "come closer". Together, we grow in His Love, discovering His Wisdom in the communion of saints. Like the myriad angles of a diamond, the spiritual life is forever giving glimmers of the Infinite-ever deeper, ever richer. Read, reflect and pray over the poems on the spiritual life.Your insight is valuable because it is yours to give; it is what you have grown to understand- what you have been shown. Discussing your take with others is a wonderful way to support one another in seeking the Lord. Remember, it might be just what another is waiting to hear.

The As If: Living our faith as if it is true and real...because it is.
The Betrayal: When Shepherds don't Shepherd, what to do?
The Circle: Life is a cyclic process of growth in holiness when we follow the Lord.
The Crux:  Jesus tells us that we become who/what we worship by the decisions we make.
The Denudation:  Trials strip us of our false securities and expose our sin.
The Desert: Part of the journey is purification.
The Dialogue: Jesus and a modern disciple speak to each other.
The Discerner: Surrender is the way to discern God’s Will.
The Disciple: Who is a true disciple of Jesus?
The Grace: Soar with eagles wings. 
The Holy One: We are invited to live in His Presence.
The Lover: Going deeper.
The Magis : Follow the Lord with heroic leadership.
The Narrative: Whose plan for your life are you following?
The Presence: Experiencing the Lord’s Presence in our lives is for each of us.
The Race: Life is a battle and process of hard fought growth in holiness.
The Security: Where is the source of your security?
The Throne: Who sits on the throne of your life?
The Tribulation: Persecution is here-our calling to be faithful witnesses.
The True Intimacy: What does it mean to live in true, intimate relationships?
The Way: The only way to holiness.
The Three Enemies Series:
                                              The Wound: Our wounded nature
                                              The World: The sin-ruled culture
                                              The Enemy: Satan is real


Almost nothing grabs our attention like suffering.  Whether the source is from without or within, it intersects almost every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it’s shocking, and sometimes it’s inevitable, the result of our own weakness/sin. It can turn our lives upside down and inside out. However it comes, it stretches us, many times beyond our strength. It causes us to question: why did God allow this?  Why hasn't He stopped it?  It tempts us to complain and feel sorry for ourselves and, sometimes, to give up and find escapes that lead down paths we later wish we had never trod. For sure, it slaps us in the face that we actually don't have control over our lives. We are not invincible.

Faith points the way to God but often times in circular paths. The Lord can bring good out of all things, even suffering. It can be exasperating and can seem like it will never end. It is part of our personal journey and part of the human condition. There are no simplistic answers. It is definitely a huge trial. Yet, we are not alone. The Lord is with us even when we do not experience Him. I encourage you to not waste your suffering. It is your great though reluctant opportunity to grow in the Lord and help bring about great things in the Kingdom of God.  See what that means by praying your way through these poems.
Suffering: Jesus redeems our suffering.
The Challenge: How to deal with the challenge of illness.
The Cross: Dealing with loss.
The Dream: Dealing with divorce.
The Embrace: Acceptance of our cross in life.
The Healing: The gradual healing of loss.
The Hour: Persecution is here.
The Offering: Joining our suffering with the Lord’s for union and intercession.
The Seeing: How the Lord sees our suffering vs how we sometimes look at it.
The Tempest: Seeking the Lord in the midst of sometimes chaotic suffering.
The Trials: Trials purify us to become holy like Jesus.
The Word of the Cross: Listen to the Way to Life Eternal.


Truth is absolute, not relative. It is revealed by God both in nature and in His Word. It is taught and guarded by the Church. The world disagrees because Satan disagrees. Thus, the battle is on.  Side by side, we fight the forces of evil, not only around us, but,  also, within for we bear the heritage of the fall.  Though reborn, we tend toward sin in all its myriad allurements. It is only possible to grow in holiness with the gift of grace and the support of our brothers and sisters in the Lord, guided by His Word in the heart of the Church. As we ask, seek and knock, we will find the way.

Chastity: A virtue under siege.
The Decision:  Moral decision making.
The Forgiver: Forgiveness in the life of a disciple. 
The Refusal: We are called to disobey false/immoral laws.  
The Seduction: God's plan for human sexuality.
The Abortion Series:
The Daughter: Abortion from the child’s viewpoint.
The Regret: The Mom of "The Daughter" speaks.
The Outsider: The Dad reacts to the abortion of "The Daughter".
The Griever: Jesus reacts to the abortion of "The Daughter".


he Father, revealed in the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit, speaks His Word in the Virgin Mother who, in turn, gives the Lord to us.  Intimacy is at the heart of the Trinity and the bond of TMother and Son.   Scripture opens their Life to us. He speaks to each of us and bids us to build up one another. Don’t hesitate. 

The Passion Series:
The Cup: Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane
The Look: Peter’s denial 
The Centurion: The Crucifixion
The Third Day: Mary Magdalene and the Resurrection.

The Father: Is our view of the Father accurate or distorted?
The Kiss: Jesus on the cross.
The Son: Mary speaks about her Son.
The Mother Mary: Jesus speaks about His Mother.
The Promised: The Holy Spirit and you.