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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Thursday, November 13, 2014


dissatisfied with the lesser
craving the greater
He is calling you
onward and upward
beyond your limitations and
estimated boundaries of success
a way of proceeding rooted in
Grace's foundation and
ongoing Transformation
a Dependency following the
mere gestures of the Master
whom you desperately pursue
spurred on by the Spirit to
seek His Holiness
His Will to be
set apart for His Purposes to
bring His Love
His Saving Word to
lost souls
tortured by sin
living-out the deception that
this world will bring them the
fulfillment for which they yearn
a fanciful happiness rather than
that which only Jesus can bring
as they die to self-centeredness
yielding to self-sacrificial Love
it is in seeking the More that
His Kingdom rises from the
ashes of the Offering with
which you have entwined yourself
His Mission is your mission
your daily concern
which makes
knowing your own
even more critical to go
higher up
further on
deeper into
His Passion to bring
Mercy to the sinner
Light to those in darkness
Healing to the wounded
Meaning to the seeker
Life to the dying
Love to the forsaken
Vision to the blind
Glory to the enslaved
there are greater needs
greater challenges out there
requiring even
greater desires
greater goals and the
"what if's" of
Passionate Love
with foot raised
ready to proceed
detached from your
former ways
familiar fears
limitations of strength
unfettered from
this world's allurements
poised to creatively
win the race of
Life v Death
your heroic calling

-What does "Magis" mean?
-How could living by "Magis" change your perspective?
-How can "Magis" affect your prayer life? Service? Marriage? Work? Evangelistic outreach?
-More...there is you want it?  What will you do to get it?

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Seduction

turning away from
nature's self-evident reality
God's innate plan for
human sexuality as is
plainly shown in
our physical bodies
from the beginning
turning towards
satan's seduction
attempting to fill an
unfulfilled need by
celebrating a
false identity
unfounded at birth but
nurtured by
sin's rebellion
fondled by pride's
notoriously destructive
propensities whereby
compulsive desires overpower          
creation's truths
which flourish and sustain life
while proposing
risky lifestyles which are
not only objectively unhealthy but
are presented as
progressive enlightenment
to which all are
expected to bow down as
idols of a
radical social utopia where
tolerance is only a
tool in the war
against religious liberty
where free debate is an
unwarranted option when
social engineering is god as
young minds and hearts
become fodder for
the new society
a captive audience
ripe for indoctrination and
ready for confusion
where true is false
false is true
right is wrong
wrong is right
no one can say
no one can object
all must submit
without a peep or the
hammer of demonization
will be unleashed
at the so-called
bigots and haters of  the
persecuted minorities
Christian morality is
portrayed as
no longer moral
nor Christian and
relegated to the
dregs of bygone centuries
but know this:
it is not out of hate but Love
that speaks the Truth in Mercy
offering Freedom
bringing Holiness  and
Wholeness to
those who are
willing to
turn to Jesus
forsake sin
receive forgiveness
claim their true Identity as
Sons and Daughters of God
experience they are Loved for
who they are in their
inmost being
live a New Life
be clothed in the same
Chastity to which
all are called to
take up the cross
follow the narrow way in the
Power of the Spirit for
Strength in our weakness
bringing as many as possible
to know the
Joy of His Love

-How can we grow in understanding God's plan for family life?
-Try to explain in a few sentences, in your own words, His plan for family life?
-Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2331-2391
-How does satan's seduction come into play?
-How does our physical bodies evidence God's plan for sexuality?
-Suggest to your parish priest to talk about this topic.
-What is the basis of our identity?
-Is homosexuality a healthy lifesytle? Why/not?
-Is disagreement with someone's lifestyle "hateful"? Why/not?
-How are single/married people to live lives of Chastity?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Holy One

finding myself
ultimately unworthy yet
ushered into
His Presence
I could only
fall upon my knees
burying my face in
my arms at the
Magesty of
His Holiness
humbled by the One
whose Perfect Love
was beyond the
limitations of my humanity to
nothing in this earthly life
before or after
compared to or explained
such a Reality
it captured a familiar longing
planted deep within and
long ago at my second birth
but now finding fruition
as a fulfillment of the
hidden Divination in myself
yearning to blossom
though never fully realizing
what that meant nor
that it was even missing
I dared not peek
I could only Be there
settling spontaneously into
silent adoration
receiving an acceptance
without compremise
apprehension or effort
recognizing in His Presence
an undeserved Love
generous in Giving
rich in Mercy
pure in Joy so that
I never wanted to
leave Him
have nothing past or future
but only now
beginning to realize that-
though not always perceived-
He is always Present
it is only I who am absent
forgetting His Love
off into my own world of
my own little kingdom of
false gods into whose
presence I rush headlong by
momentary excursions into
illusions of fulfillment
or anxiously emersing myself into
this world's daily needs
interests or proclivities
sometimes good and
begrudgingly necessary
but never reason enough to
remove myself from His Presence
now I need to constantly
remind myself to
know that only
One Thing is Necessary-
to Be... in the Presence of
The Holy One
there to find my
Alpha and Omega
my all in All
my True Rest
Yes Lord Jesus
-Do you have a reverential sense of God's Holiness?
-What can you do to show your reverence to the Lord?
-How can Eucharistic Adoration increase your reverence?
-Do you reverence the Name of God/Jesus? How?
-What can you do when others disrespect the Lord in your presence?
-How can you show reverence in your personal prayer?
-How can listening to Christian Worship music increase your devotion/reverence to the Lord?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Chance

you don't
really understand
what the big deal is
about Jesus but
you think you do
you vaguely
remember when
you were a kid
preparing for your
First Confession
First Communion
then later
they made you go to Mass
even your parents who
didn't always go
made you go all the time
'till finally
they stopped forcing you
because of all your pushback
nobody else was really into it
so why should you be
the only one
then came College
and it was
crazyness personified and
God wasn't even an issue
it's the stress of  trying to
get a job
then... a better one
bills to pay
relationship challenges
while adjusting to the
responsibility of
our first child coming soon
sometimes in the
interruptions of life
thinking back on my history
and questioning
what if
there WAS something more there
than I realized
what if
Jesus was who
He said He was
what if
it was ALL TRUE
some of my fellow workers
seem to experience
more than I ever did and
have something I don't have
they talk about Jesus as
someone Real and Alive
who loves them and
they love Him
it's hard to understand
when all is said and done
I'd like to have what they have
they seem pretty happy
even though they deal with some of
the same stuff I do
I don't know
sometimes it's confusing
but maybe
I should take a chance
like they've suggested
make that decision to
ask Him to
show me if He's Real
start there
then maybe to
come into my life as my
Lord and Savior
when and if
He does show me
at least I'd know if
what they're saying is
true or not and
if it is true
it'll change everything
but if it's not true
I haven't lost anythimg
I'm looking for more
there's got to be more than
what I've seen up to now
well....why wait?
I want to know you
help me to know you
reveal yourself to me
show me if you are real
if you're alive
show me
and... after many days of
countless requests
without a resonse
in the quiet stillness of the night
a surprise Intimacy uploads
an unfamiliar tear and
unraps an unexpected Gift...

-What is your religious/spiritual background?
-Are you willing to take a chance to see if Jesus is real?
-If not, what is holding you back?
-Do you see the value in moving forward?
-Who can you talk to about moving forward?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Security

am I really
your ALL?
the only One you
rely upon?
your only Security?
or do you
look to Me
only when
you have to?
you seek it
long for it
plan for it
count on it
the world-that which is
under the control of
the evil one-
the deceiver-
tells you to
look for it in
other people
even "spiritual" things that
take My place
sometimes you
hedge your heart
often inadvertantly
looking for the
safe and
without risk
relying on your
competencies and
not My Grace
but all these are like
shifting sands
stable one day
gone the next
and because I Love you
I will not leave you in
your deception nor
let you stay in your
less than
surrender to Me because
I desire to give
more of Myself to you
and so...
whatever is not
centered in Me
whatever directs you into
self-sufficiency- the path
leading to the Pride of Life-
I shall remove
sometimes slowly
other times expeditiously
but always purposely for
Holiness is My plan for you
a Life beyond your abilities
reached only through
trials of faith
purifications from
your nature's
proclivities of idolotry that
lead you into darkness
there is only one Goal
everything leads you
either toward or away from
attaining- to
know and love Me above all
sharing My Divine Life
now and forever so
set your heart on Me
keep your eyes upon Me
cling to Me in Love
as I uphold you and
do not wonder at the
firery ordeals that
enflame your life
be Thankful for
they are the
Fires of My Love
purifying and
forming you into
My Image and

-Have you experienced this purification?  How?
-What was most difficult for you?
-How can you give/receive support in this proess?
-What changes in your life can aid you in this process?

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Invitation

I know you
everything about you
nothing is hidden
from My eyes
before you came to be
I knew you
created you to be
with Me forever
so, take this in:
I love you
it was for you that
I bore the cross
it was for you that
I carried your sorrows
suffered your pains
took upon Myself
your punishment
died your death
rejected and despised
all ...for....YOU
you may wonder
how can this be?
what have I done to
deserve all that?
who am I that
without even asking and
knowing all my sins
you would first
Love.... me?
I know it is
beyond your understanding
yet it is true that
I created you to
know Me
know My Love for you and
I will reveal Myself to you
reveal My Love for you to taste
if you only ask
accept My invitation to
come into your life
to be your Savior
to receive
My Salvation for
although it is you I love
I do not love your sin-
when you choose
your own way rather than
The Way of Love
disclosed in My Word
when you choose
your flesh which leads to
your destruction
instead of Me- so
receive My invitation to be
your Lord
seeking to do My Will
instead of your own
follow after Me
serve My Kingdom
take on My mission
receive My Spirit and
Gifts beyond nature's limits is late...and
everyone must choose
one way or the other for
not to choose is to
choose against Me and
against your best interests
so say yes
turn away from sin
turn to Me for
life is short and
Eternity awaits

-Do you feel Jesus actually wants you to know Him?
-That He actually loves you? Why/not?
-How would deciding to follow Him affect your daily life?
-Is there anything holding you back from deciding to follow Jesus?
-If so, talk it through with a trusted follower of Jesus.
-How can you help others to make that decision?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


bearing our griefs
carrying our sorrows
sharing our suffering
rejected and
despised by humanity
He came to
Redeem His Beloveds
take upon Himself our
overwhelming sins and
Just punishments
offering forgiveness to
all who choose to
receive His Love
bestowing Divine Adoption-
a New Identity of
breathtaking Dignity-
unreachable when
left to our own
limitations but
despite these Truths
Jesus did not come to
prevent all our suffering in
this present existence for
it was freely chosen when
humanity's rebellion
set in motion
within sin's decision
the consequences of
anguish and death as our
daily bread
though He took them all
upon Himself as
Redemption's insufferable Price
they remain embedded in
our nature's experience by
Satan's hand to
wreck havoc in this life and
eternal damnation for
all who freely choose to be
chained to sin's dominion in
this present age
however when we
unite our suffering with
His upon the Cross in
timeless wonder
they are Redeemed by Grace
into good for us and those
for whom we pray
though often
hidden in faith they
bring meaning into the
adversity of pain
being entwined with
His Enduring
made One in
Suffering Fellowship
validating we are
Not Alone when
sorrow washes over us and
trials engulf us
even death's dark shadow
has been conquered by the
Light of His Resurrection
promised to each Disciple who
passes through its portal
rising to Eternal Joy
with sorrow banished and
every tear wiped away
so it is the Reality that we can
foretaste their demise now in the
experience of the Power of the Spirit
Whom He  Promised to send
which we now see and hear
as the first Fruit of His
Eternal Victory and the
Crown of Everlasting Life

-Compare Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 to this poem.
-How does Romans 8 fit-in with this poem?
-How does James 1:2-8 relate to this poem?
-How can you make "Redemptive Suffering" part of your life?
-Where in the Old Testament does it talk about the Holy Spirit being poured out?
-What does it mean to experience the Power of the Spirit?

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Selection

at the end
when temporal ends
and eternity begins
when judgement
has to be made for
those who
have not encountered Me
having kept their hearts
to themselves without
any thought of Me
many have questioned
what will happen to
these wayward souls
opinions one way
or the other are surmised
but no one really knows
except Me
I continually offer
New Life
Grace to repent and
turn to Me
time runs out
no one knows the
day or the hour
except Me
hoping for a
change of heart
My Love is
never held back
I allow difficult
circumstances  to
present opportunities for
coming Home but
some never accept
what am I to do?
it comes down to
one question for
each to answer
which brings each
face to face
with their own choice of
how they have already
determined for themselves
eternity's reward
by asking:
throughout your life
whom have you
freely chosen to
love and adore?
who was always first
in your heart?
for now and eternity
I shall permit you to
possess what you have
always selected to be
your all-
alone in the darkness
but then again
since you are reading this-
there is still time...

-Who is first in your life?
-How do you show that?
-What needs to change in your life to grow in holiness?
-Where can you get support to change?
-How can you help those close to you to put Jesus first?
-How can you love Jesus more openly?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Prodigals

wounded by
sin's original consequences
deceived by
modern fantasies of
independence and
ignoring the
reality of sin by
keeping their
hearts firmly in
their own possession
Prodigals have
withdrawn from My Presence
even those who call
themselves My Children-
followers of My Son-
by fulfilling the minimums
while resisting surrender
pretending to be faithful
while picking and choosing
what to believe while
others... without pretense
are conquered by the
forces of darkness by
having their feelings
direct their behavior
thus proving them
chained to the
whims of a fallen nature
while their pride prevents the
dignity of My Gift-
to share My Nature
bought by Precious Blood-
thoughtlessly ignoring
My Love they
pursue their own desires
following the world's ways
ignoring My offer of Mercy
here I stand on
Calvary's hilltop
suffering with My Son
waiting with open arms
just as His are spread by
nails of sin
Our Hearts pierced by
rejection's spear
still...We have sent the Spirit
far and wide to
call and empower
Our Prodigals to
change their hearts
return home by Grace
persevere through temptation to
finally sup with Us once again
We entreat in tears:
turn back from
wandering foreign lands!
your royal rings
and robes

-Who are the Prodicals?
-What are some of the pitfalls for Prodicals?
-What does it mean to "come home"?
-What are some of the obstacles Prodicals face to come home?
-How does a Prodigal 'come home'?
-How can you help bring Prodigals 'home'?
-What has to change to bring this about?

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Door

your inmost being-
that which you
protect with
formidable defenses
made impregnable from
years of constructing
all to protect your heart
Created and Loved by Me yet
wounded from within by
sin's original propensities:
-an intellect
darkened by deceit
-a will
weakened by the
blustering menace of pride
-narcissistic proclivities
enthroned as
moral principles
and  from without:by:
-persecution's hatred
-lies of our enemy posturing
as avant-garde dictums/
progressive ideals posing
as culture's only savior-
but your heart-
the core of your identity
the seat of your authority-
has only one entrance
a Golden Door
locked securely with the
Key of Freedom
gripped ever so tightly
to be opened
by the interior handle
its only possibility
a decision to be made
with utmost deliberation for
no one enters
without your invitation
no one is evicted
without your agreement
I stand at the door
and knock
always softly
yet persistently
always inviting
never demanding
always respecting
never disdaining
nor despairing
holding on to the hope
to be invited in to
sup with you
that we may be One
as I have always longed-for
since your inception's desire in
My Father's Heart
to give Myself to you and
you to Me for then
your transformation begins
into a New Creation
the sharing of Our very Nature
the old will have passed
step by step into
Love's triumphant Glory
healing by healing
tenderly being renewed into
Joy's perfect Image
My promise to you
written long ago in
Precious Blood
remains to this day
and so it is now that
I stand and knock
watching and waiting for the
sound of a decisive click
that makes My Heart
leap with anticipation that
Light may enter to
scatter the darkness and
Life to conquer death
I reveal to you
it is I

-What are your formidable defenses?
-How does Original Sin affect you practically?
-How has Jesus knocked on your door?
-Do you believe He waits in hope for you? Why/not?
-How might your life change if you "open the door"?
-What is stopping you from doing so?