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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Light

I am the Light of the world
you flourish only
in aI s much as
you live in My Light
satan reigns in the darkness
sin abounds there
as well as its fruit that
festers unto eternal death
Holiness thrives
in the Light as
well as its Fruit that
ripens unto Eternal Life
but because you bear
the effects of humanity's
original fall from Grace:
-darkened intellect
-weakened will
-attraction to your
 lower instincts of self
there is a battle raging
within you and
around you from the
world which is in the
power of the evil one
fighting to ensnare your soul by
keeping you enslaved to its
thinking and ways
glorifying itself as god which
only leads to eternal doom
but in this conflict
Grace abounds even more to
Live in My Light and
follow My Word in the
Power of the Holy Spirit
however to attain Victory
you must learn this lesson well:
live with both feet
in My cannot
have 1 foot in the Light
and 1 foot in the darkness
for to do so is to
live double-minded...
saying one thing but
doing another
living in both camps means
you are hiding / holding back
living in fear / insecurity
serving self more than Me
you cannot be
transparent / authentic / vulnerable
in the darkness but only
secretive / false / guarded
which only crushes
True Intimacy with Me
as well as with one another
all this duplicity must
in My Mercy for you
I shall shine My Light upon you
that others may see what I see
for I see clearly in both
Light and darkness
it will not be easy for you
because everything hidden shall be
exposed to the gaze of
those who love you most
but also know this that
in this humiliation and guilt
you shall know both the Blessing of
immeasurable Sorrow embedded in
Repentance and the unearned Love
Robed in Merciful Forgiveness
it will also be a relief and an
opportunity for a
True Turning back to Me
where you can humbly
learn to rely upon My Spirit
and upon the support of your
Brothers and Sisters
with whom you can strive to be
My Witness as an
authentic / transparent / vulnerable
Faithful Disciple
Living in the Light
which will it be...
Light or darkness?

Reflection / Discussion:
-Are you hiding your struggles with sin / your true self?
-If you are double-minded, repent / confess / be real.
-What are the qualities of Repentance / Conversion?
-Do you have Brothers / Sisters in the Lord with whom you can mutually support one another?
-If yes, how well are you authentic / transparent / vulnerable with them?
-What is holding you back?
-If not, how are you going to find them?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Quest

at birth each
embarks upon a
quest to find happiness
it is a precious seed
of the Eternal
which I have tenderly
planted in your heart
meant to germinate
grow and ultimately
bloom in My Love
it is a journey
through joy and sorrow
nourished by desire's
finite and infinite qualities
seeking both immediate and
ultimate objects as your
thirst seeks satisfaction in
refreshing waters but
ultimately in Me where
thirst is finally fulfilled
but because of sinful nature's
darkened intellect and
weakened will combined with
deceptive freelance feelings
tossed to and fro by
shiny objects that become
hunanity's false idols to
pursue and ultimately worship
all that this fallen world offers-
success...wealth...material goods... of
body and soul
too many to even count
each having the
common denominator of seeking the
-perfect in the imperfect
-infinite in the finite
-eternal in the temporal
which always remain
powerless to bring anything
except momentary happiness
but then frustration when the
goal is attained only to be
dissatisfied with the
underwhelming fulfillment
resulting from
exorbitant expectations and
left with no other recourse than to
commence once again the
dance of disillusion - a
cruel imitation of Sisypheus-
satan of course is delighted
with your treadmill imitation
encouraging you with
dreams of greater conquests
more...always more....while
gaining less...always less...
but Know that in this journey
I will never leave you
nor forsake you for
I continue to speak to you
especially in your frustration
because My Hope is that
in your misery you will be
open to My offer of Grace-
an opportunity to realize the
reason for your emptiness
and set out in a New Direction
realizing that it is My Infinite Love-
the Source and End of your
Quest for Happiness-
that will Truely complete you and
it is only in your
surrender to Me as
your Lord and Savior that
you Truly begin to find the
Perfect Joy that
My Surrender has
Won for you

-What goals do you have in life?
-Is it true that desire has both finite and infinite qualities? Why/not?
-What are some of things people you know seek for happiness?
-What does the "dance of disillusion" mean?
-Where and in whom do you see this played out in life?
-What is the difference between Joy and happiness?
-What does it mean to "surrender to Jesus as Lord and Savior"?
-What does "begin to find the Perfect Joy" mean?
-How has Jesus' Surrender won Perfect Joy for you?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Father

the father-wound
is a plague
all too rampant
among us
sadly most are
damaged by Dads who
pass-on their own
wounds through
sins of what they
do or fail to do
leaving us with
sometimes under-the-
surface feelings of being
abandoned / unloved
angry / alone / insecure
neglected / abused
leading us to look for
love and comfort in
places that ultimately
do not mend our hearts but
lead to deeper destruction
all of which delights
satan who makes it seem like
it's all our fault while also
deliciously contaminating
our self-image and that of
God The Father
without realizing the
transference of infected
characteristics and feelings
but... Jesus came not only to
save / free / heal us from the
effects of sin but also to
reveal His Father to us
because through Jesus
His Father has become
Our Father who has
Created us in His Own
Image and Likeness
and who FIRST loved us
through Jesus despite
our sin and weakness-
even while being rejected
He showed us that
His Father is
like the father of the
prodical son story what?
we need to
go after the Truth by
asking The Father to Reveal:
-any false images
 we may have of Him and
 ourselves and begin to live our
 True Identity and Dignity as a
 Son or Daughter of God
-His Personal Love for us
-by Grace forgive our own Dad of
 his sins againt us- one at a time
-give over our anger and hurt to Jesus
-realize how these have led into
 behavior / thinking that are
 not true / healthy and ask
 The Father to heal us
-get whatever help we need
 in this process
-begin to speak to The Father as
 our ABBA...Daddy.....because
THAT is the TRUTH...and
ask for the Grace to
accept in our hearts that
we ARE precious to Him
He DOES Love us and...
He WANTS us to live in
Intimacy with Him
Now and Forever

-What is your image of The Father?
-What was/is your relationship like with your own Dad?
-How has that affected your own self-image?
-Spell out the truth/lies about The Father's image you have?
-With whom can you talk about these matters?
-If you haven't done so, speak to The Father in prayer.
-Ask Him to speak to you and listen for His quiet Voice.
-If you are a Dad, ask The Father to show you where you
      have sinned by what you have done and failed to do
      with your children.. Then, begin to repair. The Father
      will help you. Get help if you need it. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The World

not the earth but
the sum of cultural
powers even laws
that are
opposed to God
it is the
living out of our
fallen nature-
basically full of sin-
orchestrated and
dominated by satan-the
king of this world-
all sworn enemies of
The King of kings-
this is the atmosphere
in which we live out our
calling to be witnesses of the
Kingdom of God- though
that reality means
we are at enmity with the
kingdom of darkness-thus
spiritual warfare rages
within and without
composed of many skirmishes-
opportunities to choose
between  rival kingdoms though
temptations often disguise
their true indentities in order to
lure us into minor
"turning aways" that
down the darkened path
can ultimately result in a
final "turning away"- a
victory for the losing side-
in such an embattled world
standing for the Truth
insures that we receive the
same hatred and persecution as
Jesus -sometimes the same
punishment-but likewise that we
also conquer with Him for
He has overcome this world
with all its might and corruption
our challenge is to bring
His Word of
Selfless Love and Forgiveness
Mercy and New Life to a
broken humanity
it is only by Grace that
true Justice can be attained
only by His Spirit can
Truth be enthroned
bringing Light to the darkness
only by Redemptive Suffering can
life's sorrows be ransomed
only by Supernatural Power can
our fragile nature be
transformed and in turn
Redeem our Society
but even then we
will be resisted unto death
so what then?
we can begin now-today- to
seek the Lord first-
be faithful in our calling to
Love Him and one another in
vulnerable relationships to
help win our common cause
while embracing the Cross to
entwine with  His
Passionate Victory by
accepting what comes in
living out our duties
faithful to the Lord
spending time with Him
learning to hear His Voice then
speaking His Word in Love
using the Gifts of the Spirit
He has bestowed upon us
but in all this
let us not forget to
find our true Joy and Peace
in the One who
First Loved us
Gave us His All and
calls us to be
in this world but
not of it

-Where do you experience the influence of the world in your daily life?
-What challenges do you have in living out your relationship with the Lord?
-Describe your prayer life.
-How are you growing in knowing His Word?
-What Gifts of the Spirit do you have?
-How are you using them?
-What supportive relationships do you have to follow the Lord?
-How can you develop authentic, transparent, vulnerable relationships?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Wound

humanity's original sin
has left us wounded
divided within
from our conception
no one is unscathed and
though Baptism has
removed the stain of sin
its ramifications remain
each must deal with them
but most are ignorant
because it's wound is left
unspoken as if it is
assumed that
everyone of course
knows about it and has
taken steps to overcome
its consequences-
reality says otherwise-
intellects are darkened
easily deceived
wills are weakened
ripe for rebellion
just as satan declared
'I will not serve'
making 'I' the center of life
creating proud idols to worship
pleasure - power -
success - wealth
feelings rule behavior
confusing right and wrong
while temptations lead us
even to do things we
don't want to do and
not do things we
want to do
it's called sin ...
some more mortal-
spiritual life killing- than others
suffering and death are
now part of life
we were separated from
The Father who
reached out to us
through His Son Jesus who
took upon Himself
our nature with all of its
weakness and sin
put it to death and
conquered it all through
His Resurrection and
pours out His Power by
the Holy Spirit so
we can overcome our wound
it's called Grace...
undeserved yet
freely offered
why wouldn't He
just be angry at our
continual failings?
ignoring Him by
worshiping false gods?
why not just write us off?
Love.....only Selfless Love
but even more stunning is
His offer to
share in His Divinity-
in His very Nature-
the Inner Life of the Trinity-
simply by our yes
our decision to
accept His Love and
Love Him in return
we are still wounded
still weakened
still sin but we can
also choose to
ask forgiveness
walk the narrow path
follow Jesus as Lord and Savior
Love Him above all
depend on His Grace to
learn to love one another
give witness to His Mercy
accept and use the
Gifts of the Holy Spirit and
by His Power
become like Jesus
One with Him-
a transformation called
a lifetime journey to
an Eternal beginning

-How does humanity's wound affect your life?
-Do you have false idols in your life?
-If so, how is that manifested? How can you begin to change?
-What does it mean to walk the narrow path, to follow Jesus?
-What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
-What Gifts do you have?
-How have you changed your lifestyle to follow Jesus?
-What else needs to change and how can that start?
-Where can you find support in your decision?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Father

The Father's Identity is
often masked by the
difficiencies of
our own Dad
too often we
have been wounded
sometimes seemingly
beyond repair
whether through sins of
commission or omission
compounded by the
lies of the evil one
making those offenses
feel deserved because of
our own woeful self-worth
we are wounded
feeling abandoned
looking to be loved
even as we fight back
taking what affection we can
we try to make-up for the loss
by whatever means available
though the overwhelming pain
often remains hidden beneath
our ill-formed interiors
protected by our
well-manicured exteriors
yet only an unravelling
led by the Spirit can
begin to heal and renew
our True Identity as
sons and daughters of God
it is in letting go of
our false self
that one crying for recognition
scarred by offenses
disfigured by falsehoods
by allowing ourselves
to be Loved by the
Lover of our souls
the One who purchased
our Redeemption by
taking our sins upon Himself
revealing The Father's
Self-less Love
for each one while saying
through His Son:
'Come all you who are
heavy laden and
I will give you rest'
admitting our plight
accepting His solution
embracing the process of healing
with each 'yes'
breaking away from
patterns of behavior/thinking
that continue to reiterate
our false identity
leading down into the
Darknesss of self-destruction
we can begin to learn
how to live in Trust today
forgiving our fathers
and ourselves
we recognize that
we are not alone but
at home with
our ABBA

-Describe your relationship with your father.
-What is your relationship like with The Father?
-Do you find it difficult to trust others, especially the Father? Why?
-Talk with Him about it all.
-For what do you need to forgive your father?
-How has the enemy lied to you about all this?
-Where have you looked for your self-worth?
-Get into supportive relationships to work through these issues.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Healing

forever assuming
abandonment by an
uncaring Father
when sorrow's arrow
stops turning
finding its mark
in my heart
a recurring nightmare of
debilitating loss
disturbing daily life
without apologizing
for its intrusion
reliving yesterday's pain today
without the benefit of
tomorrow's perspective
despite the protest
from my soul's
rebellious emotions
squandering Faith's life-savings
only to discourage
an embattled belief
struggling to stay afloat
buffeted by turbulent seas of
unanswerable questions
that plague my wandering mind but
rescue recurs
when Grace intervenes
through prayer's supplication
and a trusted shoulder of the
Man of Sorrows is
resurrected by the Father to
bear my burden
carry my cross
sooth my wound
speaking words of comfort
relieving my agonizing memories
knowing my frailness
without remembering
my doubts based on
anxious imaginations and
terrorizing dreads but
only Faithful Love
overcomes heartaches
with an Embrace of
never-ending assurance
providing relief
though only temporarily
knowing that acceptance
ushering-in Peace is
short-lived but cyclic
growth is ensured
healing measured in
incriments of daily surrender to a
Savior who Loves to Save
Trusting despite
the challenge of
conflicted Hope

-How does "The Healing" describe dealing with loss?
-How can we let Jesus "bear our burden and carry our cross"?
-What does "the challenge of conflicted hope" mean?
-What is your process of healing like?
-How is it similar/different?
-How does sharing with others help?
-How has your healing changed you?