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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Healing

forever assuming
abandonment by an
uncaring Father
when sorrow's arrow
stops turning
finding its mark
in my heart
a recurring nightmare of
debilitating loss
disturbing daily life
without apologizing
for its intrusion
reliving yesterday's pain today
without the benefit of
tomorrow's perspective
despite the protest
from my soul's
rebellious emotions
squandering Faith's life-savings
only to discourage
an embattled belief
struggling to stay afloat
buffeted by turbulent seas of
unanswerable questions
that plague my wandering mind but
rescue recurs
when Grace intervenes
through prayer's supplication
and a trusted shoulder of the
Man of Sorrows is
resurrected by the Father to
bear my burden
carry my cross
sooth my wound
speaking words of comfort
relieving my agonizing memories
knowing my frailness
without remembering
my doubts based on
anxious imaginations and
terrorizing dreads but
only Faithful Love
overcomes heartaches
with an Embrace of
never-ending assurance
providing relief
though only temporarily
knowing that acceptance
ushering-in Peace is
short-lived but cyclic
growth is ensured
healing measured in
incriments of daily surrender to a
Savior who Loves to Save
Trusting despite
the challenge of
conflicted Hope

-How does "The Healing" describe dealing with loss?
-How can we let Jesus "bear our burden and carry our cross"?
-What does "the challenge of conflicted hope" mean?
-What is your process of healing like?
-How is it similar/different?
-How does sharing with others help?
-How has your healing changed you?

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Glory

bowing down
without taking a glimpse
wishing I could do so but
I dare not because
I cannot bear
His Glory
His Beauty nor
His utter Holiness
without feeling like
I would disintegrate
He bids me to
come into His Presence
why? how can it be that
He Loves me so?
I have failed Him
time and time again
I have not done
great things for Him nor
brought fruitful numbers
to Love Him
what have I done to
deserve His
Passionate Embrace?
His Kiss from the Cross?
His Spirit of Power and Life?
it is all a Gift with
only a Yes being requested
and yet
even with my acceptance I
still cannot bring myself to
gaze upon Him without
acknowledging my
nontheless I shall
Worship Him
The King of Glory
Mighty Lord
Risen Savior
Son of God
Prince of Peace
Lover of my soul
and accompany Him
into the Presence of
The Father by
The Holy Spirit
I weep in Joy only
Knowing that
I am Loved
Thankful to
Be Here and
Give Him

-What can we do to deserve His Love? Why?
-What is the Lord asking of you now?
-How can you prepare now to come into His Presence?
-How can you be accountable to grow in your Love and Witness?
-How can you grow to Praise and Thank Him in your daily life?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Trials

trials are the
power washing of
your soul
that is why I
permit them
they push you beyond your
own strength
coping abilities and
endurance where you only see
discouragement... even despair
exposing your weakness of
talent, character
faith, hope or love in the midst of
circumstances you
cannot or will not control and
bring you to
humility's realization that you
need help
cannot do it all by yourself
you are complicated
not easily transformed into
Holy men and women
sometimes resisting what
you know in your hearts to
be best for you
frozen by fear or
stubornly seeking
your own way
sometimes pursuing even
deadly behaviors to
satisfy wayward desires or
avenues of worldly quests
that enthrone the self
building your own kingdom
not Mine
these harden your hearts to
My Love and lead you
away from Me
I have so much more for you
than you can ever realize
Realities of the Kingdom
that I freely offer but
many times are never accepted
and though you may not
understand the
why's and the how's of this
particular trial you now enduring
what I am presenting to you is a
powerful opportunity to
enter into My Passion which bore your
every sorrow
every pain
every struggle to believe
every sin
uniting your trials with Mine
permitting Me to
have My Way with you to
bring you into My tender treasures
that await you by purifying you to
become purely Mine
growing into My purposes for you to
trust as I Trusted
love as I Loved
serve as I Served
surrender as I Surrendered
depending not on your strength
but upon the Spirit given
by the
stay close to Me
do what is before you
walk by faith not by sight
let My Spirit transform you into
My Image and Likeness
forming you into a
Holy Disciple
Faithful Witness
Joyful Sign of the
Kingdom of Heaven
your Eternal Home after
all trials have passed away

-What struck you about this poem? Why?
-What is your experience of trials?
-What have you learned?
-Are you going through a trial now?
-If yes, be open to get help.
-Who can you support in their trial?
-Reach out to them in prayer and presence.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Narrative

satan has a narrative
created specifically
for you
you don't understand it
you don't even know it exists but
you believe it
you live it
it is the source of
your pain
the basis of your unspoken insecurities
the reason why you may
doubt your worth and
look to trinkets or titles for
value and fulfillment or
live with sometimes
debilitating depression
irrationl fears/anxieties
stemming from
wounds that stoke your
anger, resentment
even vindictiveness
robbing your life of peace or
fueling self-destructive behaviors
while stuffing
unresolved pain
together with
justification's unforgiveness
further down your
ever hidden true self
desiring a life of love but
silently harboring in your
heart of hearts the
naked calumny that
you are unloveable
otherwise why these
incessant feelings of
abandonment and rejection
zero self-worth
it all comes from the
lips of the evil one
all designed to achieve
dominion over your
pushing your "hot buttons"
towards your ultimate destruction
using the sins of others against you
whether of
commission or omission
then you interpret them
construing their motivations
letting your bitterness fester
deciding  to sin in vengance but
now you open the door to
demons who
play their games with
your mind luring you
into the acceptance of lies
about yourself or others
and onto paths of
habitual sin down the
rabbit hole of annihilation
now they have you where
they want you
living in a web of deception
turbulent feelings of
confusion and disorder-
if only you were ...whatever...
you get angry at God
He should have done this or that
prevented such and such so
you take the
"I'll show you" approach
you rebel
take control of your life
live for yourself
do what you want
whenever you want
obsessed with things
always going your way
or...... be the victim
feeling sorry for yourself
living like you have to be perfect
then you will be loved
but you know you can't
so now you are
insecure and frustrated
always striving
always not quite getting there
always the "do gooder"
always the one that can be counted on
always so "nice" but
fear and doubt
strip your success of joy
knowing you still have
so much more to accomplish before
you have truly proved yourself...
it is all LIES
you are already Loved
you are already Precious to
the Father
Jesus died for you because
He Loves you
you don't have to prove yourself
it's ok that you are imperfect
that's the point
He knows that
it's why He became
one of us
He Loves you anyway
He knows your weakness
that's why He
gives you His Spirit to
Empower you to change to
become the person He
calls you to be
He has a Purpose for you
your restless heart now
can Rest
so it all comes down to a
His Love for you and
your love for Him
let TRUTH be the
narrative you live by
look to Him for
Freedom from sin
Freedom to forgive
Power for
spiritual warfare and
healing from wounds
long ago inflicted and
rooted in
powers of darkness
ask Him to reveal your
true identity- a
son or daughter of God
let Him tear down your
false identity
walls of self-protection
fortifications of lies
bringing them into
Light's revelations
renouncing their
power over you
embracing Truth's power
persevering through the
process of painful healing
opening yourself to
loving relationships of support
giving over your own
goals and desires
in order to
serve His Kingdom first
there is MORE for you
beyond what you can
think or imagine
begin today to
understand and reject the
web of lies
know the Truth
live in Freedom
embracing your
New Life

-How does this poem relate to your experience?
-How have you been wounded by other's sins of commission/omission?
-What lies have you believed about yourself or others?
-Make a list of people who have hurt you, take them to prayer, repent where you have to repent and      forgive them-verbally-  remembering that forgiveness is a decision not a feeling.
-What is spiritual warfare and deliverance?
-Find out about the "Unbound Ministry".
-Where can you find support for your journey to healing?


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Identity

who are you?
the world-
that which is at
enmity with God-
tells you your
identity resides in your:
sexual preferences
transitory feelings
bank account
material possessions
physical appearance
is that really true?
we search
looking for.....what?
what makes me.... ME
in reality
each one of us is
born into original sin
with darkened intellects
weakened wills
self -centered tendencies
in a word: sinners
then as we grow up
we encounter
other's sins of
omission or commission-
inflicting wounds in our
tender hearts
even in the best of families-
then we respond
out of our own interpretations
with our own sins of
omission or commission
then the evil one...and
yes he really does exist-
who originally led others to
hurt you-
lies to you about.... you..
your faults, value, defects
mostly that you are
nothing special
wouldn't be treated that way
leads you to look for
your identity in exterior things or
inward feelings........something...
anything to be special
not alone
needing to be loved
all the while combatting the
feelings of rejection whether from
others or yourself
with the logical results of
self-absorption and
any or all supposed
thinking/behavior that
brings you relief and that
feeling of being different
but......all.that is NOT the
yes, they are what you
hang your hat on....but
you are more than
all those things put together
you are the Beloved
Created to share....Intimately...
in the very Nature of the Trinity
formed by the very
Personal Decision of  the Father Himself
to be His Adopted Son or Daughter
to experience His Love
to cherish the realization that
Jesus, the Father's only begotten Son,
suffered extreme torture
a horrible, unjust death
stripped of all dignity
for YOU....because
you are worth it
you are special
one of a kind and
He Loves You Passionately
don't believe the lies
don't follow the world's thinking
don't settle for less
don't look elsewhere because
you won't find
your true self or happiness in
feelings or externals
but only in THE TRUTH:
YOU..... ARE .....HIS.... BELOVED!
you can receive that Truth by
just ask Him to:
reveal Himself to you.
let you His experience His Love for you
forgive you
come into your heart
be yoiur Lord and Savior to
find healing and freedom and
thrive in that Identity
now and forever

-How have you been wounded by others?
-Begin to be free by forgiving? Ask for the Grace.
-What have you hung your identity on in the past?
-Reject the lies in the name of Jesus.
-Ask and find support in your new life.
-How can you make the time each day to pray and read the Word?

The Word of the Cross

the Way of the Cross is
the Way of Love
in the laying down of
your will and your
very self that brings
My very Life to you
it is in Loving others that
you Love Me and
are conformed into
My Image and most
become One with Me
there to find the Joy
you were
born to bathe in
the Cross brings Life
to you and to others
so do not run away
nor hide from My Cross
but rather
embrace it with the
Grace I freely offer you
I know your weakness and
need for My Strength
all are born into frasilty
daunted by trauma's potential
that is why I freely offer
My Spirit of Power for
Courage and Persevering
Trust in the midst of Suffering
All  are yours for the asking
the Way of the Cross is
the Way to Eternal Joy
it is the Way back to
the Father
so Come with Me
bear My Cross with Me
let us Till the fertile ground
Reap the Harvest of
My Saving Cross


-Where is the Cross in your life?
-What strikes you about this Word?
-How do you feel about suffering in your walk with the Lord?
-How would you relate to others in their suffering?
-How would you encourage them?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Whisper

He is speaking but
are we listening?
or rather
do we even care?
too much interference
social and financial goals
problems at work or home
or both
so little time to
do so much
it's easy to say:
at least I go to Church
well, sometimes or
maybe when I'm
pestered to go
but I don't
get much out of it anyway
so why torture myself
let my wife take the kids
that'll take care of it all
then reality strikes a discord
whether it be
job loss/lay off
any one or combination
to learn that
life is fragile and fleeting
many times unstable
with heartaches and sorrows
as unwelcomed invaders
things change
sometimes drastically....
so now, I'm listening but
don't hear anything except
echoes in my anxious mind
stability fades away
searching ascends while
darkness decends
only to find that
control is a fantasy
so is self-reliance and
in the end bring
insecure self-absorbtion
it is solely surrender that
opens my heart to
know the One who
gave Himself up for me
in an Encounter that
changes everything
He is real and alive
and Loves me
so I decide to give myself
over into His Hands
to follow and serve Him first
for Love is always
reaching out
the First to speak
actively not passively
with longing not indifference
deep within
piercing my defenses
resting in my soul
only then to recognize
His whisper


-Do you take the time to listen to the Lord?
-How can you practically do that?
-How do you discern if it really is the Lord?
-How does Sacred Scripture help you discern His word to you?
-Talk about this with someone who prays each day.
-Join a support group of fellow disciples of Jesus.