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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Dialogue

My invitation is ever the same
for those who come after Me:
will you follow My Way?

Lord Jesus, you know I will.
Yes, but I call you to be
more than you think you can be.

What does that mean, my Lord?

Your vision is of ministries,
doing great things for Me while
overcoming the pull of darkness
in your life.

But, what is wrong with that?

It is good that you desire to serve Me
and overcome the sin that clings so closely
to you. But, there is more.

You mean perfection?

Not as you mean it.

Well then, what do You mean by it?
What are you asking of me?

Perfection is not great, it is little,
just as I became little for you.
It is not complicated; rather, it is simple
like a child cuddling close to his mother
or listening for her voice in the
sleepy morning.

It is not straining to
do everything right, but, rather,
being at Peace with your weakness
knowing you are Loved for who you are.

It is not living up to your ideal image
trying to become the person you want others
to "see". Rather, it is living in transparency where
your heart is joined with Mine and no one can
tell the difference.

It is not what you do, but who you are.

Lord Jesus, how can this become mine?
How do I live your Perfection and not mine?
It seems like more than I can do.

It is not a mountain to conquer nor
a river to tame. But, it is a battle nonetheless,
for, you live in a world under the power
of the evil one. His words deceive and accuse.
Even doing good can become the excuse for
not doing the more noble, more arduous
even illogical to those bound by darkness.

Sigh.  Lord, it all seems too much.
How does all that fit together?
I need to know how to live as
your disciple in all the many things I
have to do and the relationships I have.
Can you simplify all that you have said
and maybe sum it up for me?
I do want to please you; show me how
I can be pleasing to you.

I know your heart; the secret longings
even you do not see yet, and, I Love you.
Yes, it is good that it is too much for you-
that is the Truth of your Life with Me.

What pleases Me is your love in return because
only then can I give you more of Myself, only then
can I Love others through you. So, to be My
faithful witness, do not hide your Love for Me.
Love Me simply, straightforwardly, openly for all to see
knowing that it is only by My Spirit that you can
do so. That is a reality to embrace, not reluctantly, but
rather, joyfully, for it is in weakness that you find
your true strength-like a peaceful child securely holding his
mother's hand. That is the Way as in the
sleepy morning. 

Lord, how do I get from here to there?

Jesus: Take my hand.

-What are the ways you "hide" your love for Jesus?
-How can you love Jesus more simply, openly and straightforwardly ie. childlike? 
-How can you become more "childlike"?
-What area(s) in your life is it difficult to surrender to the Lord?
-How can you practically grow in trust for a difficult area in your life?
- Do you have a Spiritual Director?
- If not, who can you ask to be your Spiritual Director?
-Find a support group to whom you can be accountable.

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