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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Disciple

who is My disciple?
what does it mean to
follow Me?
My Life is
the template
clearly set
before you and
the measure of a
true witness
so let us begin
an examination of
the marks of a disciple to
see where you stand:
it is the one
who walks in Love
that most imitates Me
that is
your standard
the starting point-
putting others
before yourself
to serve
not to be served-
the foundation and
beginning of the Way
but then
self's donation
is qualified by
Obedience to the Goal of
pleasing the Father
for in that My own
destiny was fulfilled in
doing His Will
not My own-
but further still
the test of obedience is
traveling the via dolorosa
even unto death-
to be faithful
means living
according to My Word
handed down
through My Bride
even when that embodies
the Cross-only then
is the Crown of Glory
bestowed on resurrected life
so in choosing to
come after Me
count the cost:
continual conversion
from the
-lure and ways of this world
-magnetism of self
-deceit of the devil
to the
Character of the Son
all these require
humility's strength
steeled in the
furnace of suffering
shaped by the
hammer of sacrifice
yet fueled by tender Grace
refreshed with the Joy of
knowing that in your
silent depths
I am with you
Loving you with an
Sacrificial and
Glorious Love

-What are the marks of a true disciple of the Lord?
-What do you think about the marks presented?

-Which of the marks do you find most difficult?
-Does the "yes" on your lips match a "yes" in your heart?
-Which areas "yes"; which areas "no"?
-What changes can you make now to grow in discipleship?
-How can we support one another to grow in discipleship? 

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