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Poetry speaks to our minds and hearts and is meant to communicate more than the sum of its words. It is an apt expression of our walk with the Lord. I encourage you to forward this link to those you love. I pray this poetry leads you into reflection and prayer but I also want to start a conversation. You, too, have something to share with others-not only in person, but also here. Your experience is yours to give away to build up and learn from others in the Body of Christ. Share the word that you hear, the experiences you have lived. We are all part of the New Evangelization.If you also want to contact me by email, feel free:

Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Embrace

the treasure of suffering
so often obscured
by its
unsightly price
too rich for our
fallen nature
forged by self interest
shielded by resistance
bearing any cost
to protect our
frail dominion which
struggles with
life's trials
at times
beyond our
full comprehension
but not beyond
our graced decisions
not our first choice
bringing us face to Face
with our Redeemer
a kiln of Love
there we discover
ever anew
the consolation of
Union's peace
the promise of
good's triumph and
cyclic fruits
hindsight's perfect view
having greeted our challenge
in faith and hope
not begrudgingly
but with
an embrace

-How can suffering ever be "a treasure"?
-What does "a kiln of Love" mean?
- What does it mean to "embrace our suffering"?
-What place does suffering have in our lives?
-What prevents us from embracing our suffering?
-What are the benefits of embracing our suffering?
-How can we support one another in our suffering?

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  1. "graced decisions"
    "a kiln of Love"
    "purification's cyclic fruits"

    Very nice.