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Table of contents: October 7, 2012

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Enemy

the enemy
the father of lies
plies his trade
among unsuspecting targets
oblivious to his deviousness
while they joke about the myth of
his existence purported by
antiquated zealots
the conclusion derived
just the way he likes it
scoffing at even the hint of
objective truth
his deception that reality is
what you say it is
whether sincerity's deduction or
hindsight's conviction
overwhelmed by regret
his victory celebration in the
end zone of lives
proves the vanquished
belongs to him
confusion's children
right is wrong
wrong is right
true is false
false is true
if they exist at all
depending on whose definition
forms the gyrating discussion
though justification's dictionary is
most often re-written by
those in power with
vociferous pandering to
the god of this age
all under the influence of
his shadowy disguise
where tolerance
becomes totalitarian and
dialogue transforms into demagogue
while "judge nots" judge
disciples way too primitive for
progressive sophisticates
accusation's harm echoes within
his pitiful victims
first in unrighteous decisions
out of weakness
leading to habits
that wound the tender and
lift-up the profiteering
excess of fleshly slaves
then in condemnations
reverberating long after
forgiveness has been granted by
his heavenly Foe
compulsive self-adoration
the mother of all sin
proves the rebellion
continues throughout time
made present by
an ideology secured by
sweet justifications of
political correctness
another nail in the hands of
martyrs witnessing
gospel values
focusing on themselves
pride's kissing cousin
entangles the most generous
without humility's succor
and gratitude's balm
continually leading them away
from his Adversary and
down the spiral of
self-fulfillment's proposal
'till they reach the reward of
darkness' deceit
"all in good time" and
"slowly but surely"
the end-game is secured
Eternal death his aspiration
misery his accomplice
evil his identity
illusion his snare
warfare hidden
in the vagaries
of daily life
even though
he doesn't exist
la la la la la

1 comment:

  1. "His victory celebration
    In the end zone of lives"

    interesting metaphor

    "La la la la la."

    Yep. That's where lots of people are at!